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The Fourth Amigo The Fourth Amigo 23 July 2015

Jonas Nay hints that it's only "getting darker"

Deutschland 83 keeps upping the ante and going further down the rabbit hole. In just a few weeks, we’ve watched reluctant spy Martin Rauch (Jonas Nay) bug West German military offices, brawl with a lady, and chase down (and kill) an embassy bomber. It seems that Martin’s life is only getting darker. Of course, we can’t say that Jonas Nay didn’t try to warn us.

When we spoke with Nay earlier this summer, he talked about how his character evolves over the season, telling us, “At first he has this picture, as every one in East Germany of his age has, of the ‘Evil West.’ Everybody’s evil and you just have to pretend you’re a capitalist to get food there and everybody’s evil there. And then he gets to know the people — he gets to know a girl — and…

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