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Kyrie Eleison
Season 3, Episode 1
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Air date October 29, 2020
Written by Jörg Winger
Directed by Randa Chahoud & Soleen Yusef
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Kyrie Eleison is the first episode of Deutschland 89.


Martin settles into a normal routine until he's approached by the HVA to do a simple courier job.


The episode opens on November 8, 1989, "36 hours before the fall of the Berlin Wall". Martin sits in a white room with a red telephone. It rings and answering it he is told, via proxy, that his ex-girlfriend, Annett, wants to take their son Max to Moscow with her. Martin demands to speak to Annett directly but is refused, so he angrily throws the telephone against the wall, smashing it to pieces.

In the meantime, he is still living in East Germany with his son, Max, now six years old, and has a job with a computer firm called Robotron. Max tells his father that he is missing Annett, who went to Moscow some time ago. Martin tells his son a little white lie that he spoke to her and she sends Max her love. Max is aware that there are protests in East Germany but does not know why. Martin explains that people are unhappy and Max tells him that he heard about a hole in the Wall in Prague that people have escaped through. He is sad about that as he does not want to be parted from his friends and says that everyone wants to see the other side of the Wall. He knows that Martin has seen that and has also seen "real-life elephants in Africa with tusks!" Max loves elephants and even has an imaginary elephant friend, something that worries his teacher Nicole Zangen, who speaks to Martin when the latter drops off to school.

Martin gets a note from Fritz Hartmann to meet on the roof of his apartment block. He reveals that the HVA want Martin for a courier job, specifically to deliver a draft trade law to East Germany's leader Egon Krenz. Martin is reluctant at first but Hartmann says that failure to go through with their wishes will result in Max being sent to Moscow. Martin ends up agreeing but wishes to bail out when Hartmann says Krenz will have to be poisoned if proposals turn out to be too radical. The latter adds that the HVA quickly provided Martin with his apartment and new job but Martin does not think that assassinating the head of state is a fair deal. Hartmann reassures him that it will not come to that as Moscow read every draft law and it would not be in their best interests for a law allowing wider freedom of movement to pass.

Walter Schweppenstette is reluctant for Martin to take the mission but Fuchs thinks Martin is perfectly capable, even though Schweppenstette points out that Martin has a history of stepping out of line. Fuchs makes it clear that if Martin does not go through with the mission then Max will be sent to Moscow, which is something Schweppenstette does not want either.


Song Title Performer(s)
Original Man Dennis Winslow, Robert J. Walsh & Ronn L. Chick
Zum Regenbogen Martin Olding
Roam B-52s
Mass in B Minor, BWV 232: Kyrie: Kyrie eleison I Johann Sebastian Bach, Robert Shaw, Robert Shaw Orchestra


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