Martin Rauch, also known as Moritz Stamm, codename Kolibri, is the central protagonist of Deutschland 83 and its follow up series Deutschland 86 and Deutschland 89.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Deutschland 83[edit | edit source]

Martin is a 24 year old man living in East Germany with his mother, who is on the list for a kidney transplant. He is enlisted by his aunt Lenora and her boss Walter Schweppenstette to act as a spy in the West under the identity of Moritz Stamm, the aide-de-camp of General Wolfgang Edel, who is gunned down by an assassin on a train.

While he is over the border his girlfriend Annett learns she is pregnant with his child while engaging in an affair with a work colleague, who is later sent to the West as punishment after she reveals to Schweppenstette that he has been distributing banned books.

Martin returns to the East after his mother has been moved up the donor list and donates his kidney to her but then returns to the West to continue his mission. After his cover is blown, he goes on the run while it is revealed that Schweppenstette is his biological father. However, he returns home to be with his mother.

Deutschland 86[edit | edit source]

In 1986, Martin is now hiding in an orphanage in Angola where he is called upon by his aunt to assist her with an operation selling a shipment of West German weapons to the South African Army. However, the trade goes wrong and Martin ends up being abandoned in the Libyan desert by Lenora.

He eventually finds a way to escape and later makes it back to Berlin desperately wanting Annett to let him see their son Max, ultimately abducting him while he is asleep.

After the Fischers are arrested for attempting to cross the border and their daughters put into an adoption home, Martin asks Annett for help in rescuing them. She does so and after they are successful she agrees to let him see their son.

Deutschland 89[edit | edit source]

In 1989, Martin lives in East Berlin with his son Max and is working for a state-owned company named Robotron. He is given an assignment by Markus Fuchs to transport the draft of a new travel law to the SED leadership and take photographs of the document before handing them over. Martin reads the documents and realizes that the law would lead to the end of the German Democratic Republic, therefore he tells the politician that he hands it over to that the law has been approved by Moscow.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • In Episode 9 of Deutschland 86, Annett Schneider opens a file with the personal information. His date of birth is shown as 25 January 1959.
  • In Deutschland 86, set three years after the events of the first series, he is 27 years old.

Appearances[edit | edit source]

As the central character, Martin appears in all episodes.

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